Naagin Season 3 Cast Story & History

Naagin Season 3 History and Fame

Naagin Season 3 is the most popular and amazing drama serial that airs on Colors TV. The famous, Ekta Kapoor has created this successful series.

Ekta Kapoor is said to be the Queen of Indian Television and has achieved a successful career after her crucial hard work. Naagin Serial has become the number 1 serial within last 3 years in India and all 3 season of Naagin – Naagin season 1, season 2 and now Naagin Season 3, are the creation of Ekta Kapoor.

In Naagin season 1 and 2, the famous actors Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Arjun Bijlani, Karanvir Bohra and Sudha Chandran played their role. In season 1 and 2, Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan played their role as the ‘Nagin’s’  and Arjun Bijlani was presented as a male lead in Naagin Season 1 and Karanvir Bohra was in Naagin Season 2. Now in Naagin season 3, all actors and star cast are changed.

Naagin 3

Naagin Season 3 Story

This is a revenge story. The main characters that are playing their role in season 3 are Surhbi Jyoti as Bela, Pearl V Puri as Mahir and Anita Hassanandani as Vish. Shivangi passes on without becoming more acquainted with why her dad and spouse double-crossed her by plotting her murder. Nonetheless, she promises to return for her revenge.

Somewhere else in an old Haveli, Ruhi – another Naagin 3 All Episodes was seen a very happy Naagin who is dancing with her darling Vikrant under the evening glow in the delight of their eagerly awaited association. But at the same night,  the famous business-man Andy Sehgal’s son, Yuvi with his friends Rehan, Daksh, RJ (Yuvi’s brother-in-law) and Karan (Yuvi’s family’s manager) came there and pester them while they were in a drunk condition. Yuvi, with his friends, behave badly with the Naagin ‘Ruhi’ and attempt to rape her. After seeing this, naagin‘s darling Vikrant turned her shape into the snake and tried to scare them but Aadi Shoots Vikrant and he died at the same moment. Then ‘Ruhi’ decides to take revenge from 9 murderers (Yuvi, Adi, Rehan, Karan, RJ, Daksh, Prathum, Gultu(Yuvi’s Friend), Anu(Rehan’s Sister) and Mahir(elder brother of Yuvi) ).

After 6 months passed, Vishaka Khana( Ruhi’s friend) entered the house of Andy as the prime investor in the construction of the old land that covers the 3000 years old temple. Yuvi and Prathum’s marriage ceremony was fixed with Bella and Suhani respectively,  daughters of Andy’s two sub-ordinates Jagmohan and Sunil. Prathum and Suhani’s marriage was fixed because they love each other and Bela requested to Suhani’s father Sunil.

But Bela is wedding Yuvi just to get her father’s obligations to Andy postponed off. But Yuvi is a wandered boy and he impressed from the glamorous beauty of Vish. Yuvi is attracted because there is a mind-blowing plan of Naagin‘s to kill Yuvi first. Finally, at the wedding night, Naagin killed him after taking him in a deep forest.

On the other hand, Mahir who has promised to Bela to never be disappointed about his brother next. But when Yuvi was not found anywhere, Mahir decides to sit in the Mandap to save Bela’s respect. Mahir married to Bela and he promised her to be a good husband and fulfill his all duties. But Bela was sad and shocked due to this act. Prathum also married to Suhani.

After marriage, the great secret is revealed that the real Naagin who wants to take revenge, is Bela. Actually, Bela was the new personality of Ruhi. And Vish is her close friend and help her to achieve her goals in taking revenge. The story continues and they are together to take revenge of Vikrant’s death, to all of the 9 murderers.

Cast – Naagin Season 3

  • Surbhi Jyoti – playing her role as Naagrani Ruhi.
  • Anita HassanAndani – In Naagin Season 3, known as Vish/ Vishakha, playing her role as a close friend of Naagrani.
  • Pearl V Puri – presented as Maahir Sehgal(the husband of Bela), the eldest son of Andy and Sumitra.
  • Amrapali Gupta – as Shalaka, the main opponent of Season 3. She is presented as a sorcerer who is able to control snakes.

Naagin 3 All Episodes

Watch Naagin 3 All Episodes Colors Tv Drama Watch Videos Online in High Quality 720p. Naagin Season 3 produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. Naagin 3 Voot Serial aired on weekends on Colors.

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