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Porus is an Indian drama serial broadcast on Sony TV.  War of the Hydaspes is the main objective of Porus. It shows the survival of the Indian soldiers, ruler Purushottam and ruler Alexander. The show started on November 27, 2017. Porus represents the tale of five states.

Porus Indian Serial Story and Fame

The show lays in 326BC when India was referred as Sone Ki Chidiya because of its money. At that time Gold, Silver, Emeralds, and the valuable stones were traded in the open. Alexander, the great warrior, attacked the land of India.

The big force of King Porus withstands the attack of Alexander. The war fought on the banks of the river Jhelum and they defeated Alexander. Porus was born to Bamani and Anusuya in Paurava Rajya. Alexander was born in Macedonia to Philip and Olympias. They Porus both born on the same day but they were totally different from each other. Alexander became the greatest champion of the world and Porus became the great defender of India. The show follows the history of India and Greece.

Porus Serial Cast


The Pauravas

  • Laksh Lalwani- playing his role as Purushottam (Puru) / Porus, King of the Pauravas.
  • Rati Pandey- playing her character as Anusuya, Queen Mother of the Pauravas, Princess of Taxila, Porus’ mother.
  • Aditya Redij- in Porus as Bamni, departed King and current Head of the Pauravas, Porus’ father.
  • Aman Dhaliwal- represented as Shivdutt, older brother of King Bamni, and Minister of the Pauravas under Bamni and then Kanishk.
  • Akshara Singh- performing as Kadika, King Bamni’s second better half and Porus’ stepmother, Queen Mother of the Pauravas.
  • Savi Thakur- as Kanishk, son of King Bamni and Queen Kadika, Prince and King of the Pauravas.
  • Hrishikesh Pandey- playing his character as Ripudaman Singh, Commander-in-chief of Pauravas.
  • Ashlesha Sawant- as Pritha, the better half of Ripudaman Singh, mother of Hasti.
  • Pranav Sahay- as Samar Singh, captain of the Pauravas army, brother of Kadika.
  • Mohit Abrol- as Hasti, son of Ripudaman Singh and Pritha.

The Greeks

  • Rohit Purohit- presented as Alexander, King of Macedonia, and the greatest champion of the world.
  • Sameksha- as Olympias, Queen Mother of Macedonia, the better half of Phillip and mother of Alexander.
  • Sunny Ghanshani- in Porus, represented as Philip II, Former King of Macedonia, father of Alexander.
  • Akash Singh Rajput- as Hephaestion, Alexander’s best friend and captain of the army.
  • Amaad Mintoo- as Arrhidaeus, son of Philip and Philinna.
  • Sarehfar- as Philinna, Queen of Macedonia, the better half of King Philip II, and Arrihdaeus’s mother.
  • Nitin Joshi / Amir Malik- as Cleitus, one of Alexander’s generals.
  • Aruna Irani- as an Oracle, and an adviser of Alexander.
  • Ruby Kakar- as an Oracle who tells Porus that Alexander’s defeat is his hands.
  • Raviz Thakur- playing his character as Pausanias, bodyguard.
  • Vidvaan Sharma- in Porus as junior Alexander.
  • Karishma Rawat- as Cleopatra Eurydice of Macedon, Queen of Macedonia and last wife of King Philip.
  • Rizwan Kalshyan- as Alexander of Epirus, King of Epirus, uncle of Alexander the Great, and husband of Cleopatra of Macedon.

The Persians

  • Praneet Bhat- as Darius III, trader, later Emperor of Persia, succeeded by Alexander.
  • Riya Deepsi- as Barsine, Princess of Persian, elder daughter of Darius.
  • Chandan Dilawar- as Muashiz, Darius’ companion, and Commander of the Persian army.
  • Vishal Patni- as Farus, Muashiz’s son, Commander of the Persian army.
  • Suzanne Bernert- as Ada of Caria, Queen of Caria.
  • Riyanka Chanda- as Stateira I, former Queen of Persia, wife of Darius and mother of Barsine and Drypetis.
  • Shalini Sharma- as Drypetis, Princess of Persia younger daughter of Darius.

The Dasyus

  • Suhani Dhanki- as Laachi, princess of Dasyu Raj and Puru’s friend & love interest, later Puru’s wife and Queen of the Pauravas.
  • Shraddha Musale- as Mahanandini, Laachi’s mother and matriarchal Queen of Dasyu Raj.
  • Rishi Verma- as Sumer, Laachi’s brother, Prince of Dasyu Raj.
  • Chirag Jani- as Arunayak, Laachi’s father and King of Dasyu Raj.

The Takshashilans (Taxilans)

  • Gurpreet Singh- as Ambhiraj, King of Taxila, Brother of Queen Anusuya and Maternal uncle of Porus.
  • Vasundhara Kaul- as Queen Alka, wife of King Ambhiraj, Queen of Taxila.
  • Zohaib Siddiqui- as Prince Ambhikumar, son of Ambhiraj and Alka, Prince of Taxila, and an elder cousin of Porus.
  • Chetan Pandit- as Chanakya, Puru’s adviser and minister.

The Vishkanyas(Poison-girls)

  • Nalini Negi- as Vishuddhi, a member of the Vishkanya community. She was originally sent to murder Puru but later changes her intentions and helps Puru in his mission to reach Persia.

The Bactrian’s

  • Aparna Dixit- as Rukhsana, princess of Bactria, later queen of Macedonia, Alexander the great’s love interest and wife.


  • Jaival Pathak- as Malay, the only boy left when Vishuddhi killed all the villagers and introduce him as her younger brother to Puru and his team. He later revealed all the secrets to Puru about role play of brother and the truth about Vishuddhi. At last, prior to proceeding for Persia, he sent Malay to Pauravas.
  • Pooja Sharma- as River Jhelum, the Narrator.

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Watch Porus All Episodes Sony Tv Drama Watch Videos Online in High Quality 720p. Porus Indian Drama Serial Directed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary. Porus Serial Cast involves Laksh Lalwani & Rohit Purohit.

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