Bigg Boss Season 12 Story and Theme Review

BIG BOSS is an Indian reality show broadcasts on Colors tv. This is actually a game of mind and master mind behind all this Big Boss whose presence in the house is only through his voice 11 seasons have done.


Bigg Boss 12 is going to be on air in October 2018, people are impatiently waiting for it .This time it is again hosted by Sultan of bollywood “Salman Khan“. Every season has different concept and this time the concept for the selection of contestants is their selection in ‘jodies’.

Contestants usually from 2nd and 3rd generation (celebrities and commoners)are allowed to live in a purposely built house for about three months.They are called as“House mates”. Big boss house has all the modern facilities but their is no internet connection,mobile phone connection or their is no use of electronic media in the big boss house. There is bed room,living room,activity area,garden,pool and confession room in the big boss house.

Contestants are given tasks by big boss and they all have to done it either by hook or by crook, in order to save themselves from elimination.At every weekend their is “weekend ka vaar” Bigg Boss 12 Episode on which Salman Khan meets contestants and their is like ‘hisaab kitaab’of their whole week activity. Out of the nominated contestants ,the one who gets the lowest votes will be evicted. In the final week out of three,the highest vote achiver will be the winner of the show.

This program is designed,where people from every walks of life interact with each other. Bigg Boss has become one of the best entertainment show. This show has many plus points as well as the negative aspects.

Talking about the positive points,it is the source of entertainment as well as the source of knowing the nature and mentality of differnt people.

If we talk about its negative aspects ,it includes the sensuous scenes, as we all knows, all the episodes shown on colors tv are edited, but according to viewers all the scenes must be censored as it is a family show. But overall it is one of the best shows.

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