Dil Hi Toh Hai Sony Tv Serial Story & Cast Review

Dil Hi To Hai Indian Serial History

Dil Hi To Hai is an Indian drama broadcast on Sony TV. It’s an Ekta Kapoor production under the brand named Balaji Telefilms.  The show started on June 18, 2018.

Dil Hi Toh Hai Story and Fame

The show follows the story of the Noon Family.  Vijaypath Noon is one of the top administrators of India and owner of NOON BIOTECH. Vijaypath is the father of five children and also a loving husband of his wife Mamta.

Ritvik Noon, a son of Vijaypath Noon, is a bountiful pharmaceutical administrator and he does not believe in love. In his childhood, his mother left him with his father for a comfortable life.

On the other hand, Dr. Palak Sharma belongs to a middle-class family and she chose her career in the field of medicine because of her past. Her brother died because of consumption of wrong medicines and then she decides she will never let anyone die because of it.

Aarohi, Palak’s friend, is sad because she has break-up with Ritvik and scares that she will have gotten pregnant with Ritvik’s child. Aarohi gets elated when she receives Ritvik’s call and he says that he does not want to meet him again. Palak who has already hear the conversation of Aarohi and Ritvik wishes that she does not cross path with such a man.

Dil Hi To Hai

Palak went to Ritvik’s house to save Aarohi from Ritvik but in dark room, Ritvik kisses Palak believing her to be his girlfriend. She became very furious thinking about her first kiss with Ritvik.

Ritvik and Palak are unknown that their lives are twisted around each other. At first, they don’t like each other but later they became friends. As rapidly as they become friends, they became enemies again. Ritvik misjudges Palak and he thinks that Palak helps Samar and Radhika to escape. Palak hurts by saying of Ritvik and she makes up his mind to left job and goes to Mumbai.

Story After some months

After the leap of three months, Setu (Palak’s friend) and Rohit are getting married and Setu invites Palak into her wedding in Delhi. Palak determines to go to the wedding. Ritvik is engaged to Ananya on her mother insistence. Kabir, an ex-husband of Setu, comes to attend Setu and Rohit wedding and he disclosed that Setu left Kabir because he did not have money.

Ritvik breaks engagement by proclaiming it to parents of Rohit. Dil Hi To Hai Rohit’s parent doesn’t like Setu and they were not ready to accept Setu as their Daughter in law but they were very greedy and they only want to sign illegal papers from Setu father. Rohit starting hating Ritvik and struggle to show Ritvik the truth of Palak and Setu. Reeva made an attempt to sow a seed of enmity toward Palak in Ananya.

On the other hand, Palak and Ritvik unite to prepare Setu and Rohit for marriage. Setu and Rohit decided to run away from the house.

Ritvik, Palak, Setu, and Rohit had to face goons when Palak and Ritvik were bringing Setu and Rohit back. Palak and Ritvik get closer to each other during their escape from goons. Palak gets injured and Ritvik takes her to a nearby hut. There Ritvik and Palak share a kiss. When they return home safely, Ritvik persuades Rohit’s father to accept Setu and Rohit.

The show analyzes the story of persons whose lives change when they met each other. Like Ritvik’s and Palak’s story, Reeva loves Samar and she knew that Samar loves Radhika but she wants to marry him. On the other side, Aman loves Reeva but she does not notice him. Samar ran with Radhika and they got married. Reeva feels very sad but later realize that she was wrong. Reeva treats Aman as a friend and does not understand his feelings. At first, Rohit breaks his marriage with Setu because of misunderstanding but when it cleared, Palak and Ritvik help them to get married.

Dil Hi To Hai Cast

  • Karan Kundra- acting as Ritvik Noon (Palak’s Love Interest).
  • Yogita Bihani- presented as Dr. Palak Sharma (Ritvik’s Love Interest).
  • Asmita Sood- as Shweta Verma (Setu) (Palak’s best friend, and Kabir’s ex-wife).
  • Krishna Shetty- as Rohit Puri (Ritvik’s best friend and Setu’s fiancé).

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