Kumkum Bhagya Indian Drama Serial Story Review

Kumkum Bhagya History

Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian drama serial broadcast on Zee TV. The show is started on 15 April 2014. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor are producers of this show under the brand named Balaji Telefilms. The main characters of the story are Pragya and Abhishek Mehra. This show has become under top five most-watched show of the year.

Kumkum Bhagya Drama Story

The story of Kumkum Bhagya depends on Pragya Arora, a teacher, and Abhishek Mehra, a rock star. Sarla Arora, Pragya and Bulbul mother’s, runs a marriage hall. Pragya teaches in a college. Bulbul, the younger daughter of Sarla, has a job but she does not like her boss Purab Khanna. Pragya liked Suresh but Suresh had feelings for Bulbul.

Abhishek, attributed as Rock Star Abhi, is a rock star. He has a girlfriend Tanu Mehta. Purab Khanna, Abhi’s best friend, is engaged to Aliya Mehra, Abhi’s sister. In the beginning, Purab and Bulbul don’t like each other but they started to like each other ultimately.

Aliya and Tanu planned to marry Abhi and Pragya for revenge from Pragya. After marriage, Pragya becomes to know the situation and she assures Abhi that she is in a relationship with Purab only for her sister, Bulbul. Purab agrees to marry Alia unwillingly but on marriage day he ran with Bulbul.

Tanu gets pregnant with Nikhil’s child and she claimed that this is Abhi’s child. Raj, a cousin of Abhi, criticize Abhi for his disaster. Meantime, Pragya hears conservation of Alia and Tanu but before she could tell it to Abhi, she had an accident and announced dead.

Kumkum Bhagya Drama

After a month, Pragya returns with new goals of disclosing her enemies and to get Abhi back. Bulbul and Purab marry. Bulbul took her life in danger to save her sister from Alia and she dies. When Pragya’s family know the truth, they evict Alia from the house. Pragya also cleared the misunderstanding between Abhi and Raj and later it is disclosed that Raj’s wife Mitali is responsible for his problems.

Before Pragya disclose Nikhil and Tanu relation, Tanu has an accident and resulting in a miscarriage. She blames Pragya but Pragya later prove herself innocence. Abhi has an accident and he loses his memory of the last two-and-a-half years.

Two months later, Pragya got a job in  Love Life Music Company where she meets Abhi. Abhi and Pragya expose their feeling for each other. Abhi agrees to marry Tanu when her mother tells a lie of having cancer. On marriage day, Pragya was kidnapped by Nikhil and Sarla tells Abhi about Pragya kidnapping. Abhi saves Pragya.

When they were returning home, they have an accident and Abhi recovers his memory. Unluckily Pragya was shot by Nikhil and falls in an embankment. He tries hard to find Pragya but in vain.

After a leap of one month and two days, Abhi finds Munni, Pragya’s lookalike, and he took Munni to his house. When Pragya get up from the coma, she returns Mumbai and Munni tells Pragya the whole incident. Pragya replaces herself with Munni and when Abhi consider him Munni, he threw her out of the house.

Purab and Disha get married ultimately and later they confess love for each other. A new villain, Simonica, enters the house of Abhi as a secretary. She wants to get revenge from Abhi and she tried hard to kill Abhi but in vain and was sent to jail. Simonica escapes from the police and she deals with Tanu to kill Pragya. when Pragya knows the location of Simonica, she tells Dadi and goes after him. Simonica shot Dadi when Pragya reach location with police. Dadi dies and the whole family including Abhi blamed Pragya and threw her out of the house.

After Some Years

After the leap of 7 years, Mehra family reside in  New Delhi. Abhi and Tanu got married. Alia manages Abhi’s career and Purab and Disha have a son, Sunny. Pragya resides in the UK and she is the manager of King Singh, a London-based rapper and has a daughter, Kiara. Although Abhi is the biological father of Kiara but King has given his name to him and loves Kiara like her daughter. Abhi does not know that he has a daughter.

Abhi in Delhi and King in London received a contract on the music album. King with Pragya and Kiara reached Delhi and coincidently Kiara meets Abhi and nicknamed  “doll chor.” After checking into their hotel, Pragya and King decided to enroll Kiara in school and Kiara enroll in the class of Sunny. Abhi and King have arguments and King decided to cancel the musical album. Pragya convinces him for the album. At conference hall, Swarna Dadi meets Pragya and she tells to the whole family that she saw Pragya. Abhi then tells Dadi about his marriage with Tanu. In a drunk state, Abhi and King has a car accident and was arrested. Pragya came to the police station for bail of King and there Abhi saw Pragya and hear that King and Pragya married from 7 years.

Abhi and King signed a contract and a party was held where Abhi and Pragya came face to face. Later, Abhi and Kiara have good friends and when Disha go to drop Kiara to her house, she becomes know that Kiara is Abhi’s daughter. Disha asks Purab but he does not believe on it. After some days, Purab, Disha, Tanu, and Abhi meet Pragya in a Jewellery Shop and mangalsutra from Abhi’s hand land into Pragya’s neck. They became emotional. Tanu invites Pragya with her family in the Anniversary party of Disha and Purab. Abhi and Pragya are heartbroken and see each other with their namesake partners.

Kumkum Bhagya Cast

  • Sriti Jha- playing her role as Pragya Abhishek Mehra, Abhishek Mehra’s wife, and Kiara’s mother.
  • Shabbir Ahluwalia- presented as Abhishek Prem Mehra, most successful rock star, Pragya’s husband, and Kiara’s father.
  • Mishal Raheja- as King Singh, Pragya’s boss, friend and Kiara’s legal guardian.
  • Kaurwakee Vasistha- as Kiara Abhishek Mehra, Abhi and Pragya’s daughter.


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